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You'll love build-in Functions and Modules!

Kopage's Build-in Functions and Modules

Your clients have access to apps and modules catalogue directly in their website. Depending on Kopage version you choose (free or PRO Subscription), client can install all apps for free or just few basic items if you've selected "free" version of Kopage

Shopping Cart

Forms Builder

Photo Gallery



Location Map

PRO Functions

  • Unlimited Subpages
  • Unlimited Menus
  • Unlimited Galleries & Items in Gallery
  • No Ads or labeling in Footer
  • Images Editor
  • Custom Metatags for Subpages
  • External URL in Menu
  • SEO Friendly links
PRO Apps & Modules
  • Shopping Cart
  • Forms Builder
  • Newsletter
  • Photo Gallery with Slideshow
  • Blog
  • Voting Poll
  • Events Calendar
  • Add to Google
  • Location Map
  • FAQ & Knowledgebase Builder
  • RSS Feeds Reader
  • Restaurant Menu Maker