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Kopage is a freemium website builder product and final price depends on size of your company, you can get basic license for free and PRO licenses starts from as low as $25/month per server. With high amount of servers, the final price is negotiable.

Basic License

Each built website will have basic functions available: gallery, blog, contact form, limited number of available themes, limited number of subpages to be created and "Powered by Free Sitebuilder" footer. At anytime you can upgrade your current license to PRO.

PRO License

At anytime you can start PRO Subscription: all additional modules, functions or themes will be available for free to your users. No ads, branded with your own logo.


$100 Installation Service

It's easy to install Kopage, but we know you're busy and we're happy to install your new sitebuilder on your cPanel server, Kopage will be integrated with cPanel and available for users from your cPanel dashboard.


PRO Free Trial Sitebuilder

With your both types of license you can setup a fully playable online demo, so your clients can give Kopage a try as on our demo page. However with PRO license you can create separate, "free website builder" page on separate domain, like, so not only your clients, but your website visitors can start their websites with Kopage - websites will work instantly, in a subdomain like - you can display ads on these free websites and call them individually to convert these free users to your premium webhosting service clients.


PRO Logo Branding

With PRO license the only logo or brand your clients will see is your own company brand. Free license websites will show "Powered by Kopage" banner. 


PRO Submit to Partners Catalog

Your company name will be published on our website as partner, so our visitors who are not webhosts, your potential clients will see they can get Kopage sitebuilder when they buy your webhosting


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Kopage is a Website Builder for Webhosts and Webhosting Industry,
compatible with cPanel, DirectAdmin, Parallels Plesk and other hosting control panels.
Give it to your clients for free. Make sure you tried a Logo Maker too!
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