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Just tell us what's the website about, and wait for the AI-Magic to happen: fully featured website to get started with.

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Your website is ready, but what's next? Kopage is a result of 10+ year experience, the interface is so intuitive you already know how to use it.

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Once your website is set up, you have everything you need, from SEO features, to blog, to e-commerce. Two clicks away.

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Easy, intuitive editing

Just tell us what's the website about, and wait for the AI-Magic to happen: fully featured website to get started with.

Freedom to change

Just tell us what's the website about, and wait for the AI-Magic to happen: fully featured website to get started with.

Everything included

Fully featured website out-of-the-box, with built-in key features and modules, file manager, cookie consent banner, analytics and 3rd party integrations.
The list of features and possibilities is endless.
Search engines will love your website, from clean structure to SEO-friendly links, to automatically generated sitemap and meta-tags.
Multi-level menu structure
Create subpages and organize them easily, drag & drop to rearrange or create a drop-down submenus.
Content build with blocks
Your subpages are created with content blocks that you can drag and drop to rearrange. Choose from 100+ pre-made blocks or create your own.
Mobile friendly
You make just one website, on your computer, on your favorite browser: it will work well on all devices, including phones and tablets.
Eye-catching design
From subtle on-scroll animations to hundreds of Google Fonts, to over a hundred hand-picked color schemes to choose from.
Landing pages
Running a marketing campaign? Convert any subpage to landing page with one click, hide distractions and convert more.
Private spaces
Not all subpages are made to be public. Hide any subpage from the main menu or protect subpages with password.
Custom code
Easily embed custom code on your websites, from website-wide widgets to custom coded content blocks.
Track & analyze
Built-in statistics module that tells you who visits your site and where they come from.
Manage access
Access your site with a magic-pin sent to your email, with a username and password, or with your Google Account + share access with your team.
Contact forms
Your website comes with a contact form out of the box, but Kopage gives you the freedom to create the contact forms you need, just drag and drop elements onto your form.
Location map
Your website's contact page comes with a location map powered by Google Maps.
Photo galleries
A single photo says more than a thousand words; create photo galleries to showcase your products or portfolio
If you need more action on your website, use the built-in slider module to create professional-looking sliders with stunning animation effects.
Start selling anything from physical items to downloadables in no time. Get paid with Stripe, PayPal, and 10+ other popular payment gateways.
Share your company's insights and keep your audience informed, improving your SEO with every new post you publish.

There's so much more to discover!

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