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Server Requirements

Self-hosted Kopage is a PHP script, most servers meet the requirements by default:

  • Apache + PHP (7.1-7.4 or 8.1-8.2) with ionCube Loaders
  • Zip, GD, PDO/SQLite cURL extensions
  • MySQL, Composer or root access are not required.
Download PHP Installer
It's free. No credit card required.
or Kopage Plus Installer (free trial)

How to install Kopage Website on your own hosting account?

Connect to your FTP, upload installer and open it in browser.
Step 1: Connect to your FTP
You can use your favorite FTP client, like FileZilla, it's free. Enter your FTP hostname (1), FTP username (2) and FTP password (3). Most of the web hosting companies have their own, simple file managers, so there's no app required.
Step 2: Upload installer
Now drag & drop the installer file to your FTP folder. Once file is copied, you can go to /free-install.php in your browser, installation will start.

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