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Online Website Builder

Build a Website

Do you want to build a website for your company?
Building website with Kopage is easy. Try now!
Online Logo Maker

Create a Logo

Generate your new logo ideas automatically and continue to online editor, drag & drop, add elements, change fonts and get your dream logotype in any format: not only PNG, JPG, but print-friendly SVG, EPS, PDF.

Are you looking for a self-hosted Kopage?

Kopage Website Builder

Cloud or Self-Hosted (PHP)

Your website can be installed anywhere, if most of your clients are from your area, find a webhost with datacenter nearest to your location or even host it yourself.

Control over the files

Not only website files, but all data your website may collect will be stored locally, on your own server, under your own control. Not even in a MySQL database, but in the same location where your website files are to make it easy to backup or transfer.

cPanel & no-panel Sitebuilder

Kopage will work perfect on most servers with cPanel, but it's completely independent and should work out of box on any server which meet system requirements (PHP7, no database required)

Fully featured & Risk free

Kopage comes with ready-made modules most of website users may need, like contact forms, photo gallery or even a shop. Try it now and build your website for free, you pay only if you like it.