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Kopage 4.4.17
~ Shop Image thumbails options

More ratio options available for product images, original, 1:1, 16:9, 4:3, 2:1 and vertical equivalent

Minor improvements
~ Faq SEO improvements

Knowledge base links are now more SEO-friendly

~ Form Backend improvements

When editing a form, checkbox and radio elements are now visualized better, it's also possible to use markdown-style links as element label or value

Minor improvements
~ Customization improvements

+ Romanian language added to the system

~ Blog Increased default width

Default blog post contents width has been increased from 650px to 720px

~ More background image control

Each content block may have image as background, now more position control options are available (align vertically and horizontally)

+ Shop Custom tax behaviour

It's now possible to change the way custom tax (like sales tax) is calculated, by default it's calculated on top of total value, now it's possible to change it to calculate tax before the cost of delivery (and keep delivery tax-free)

Minor improvements
~ Shop PDF packing slip

PDF packing slip in the order section is now being printed correctly with non-Latin characters (Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic and more)

Minor improvements
~ Social media icons update

New Twitter/X icon has now replaced old Twitter logo

+ Shop Free products

It's now possible to "sell" free products with shop module, both digital and physical goods are supported

~ Files manager improvement

Possibility to copy selected file path to clipboard

Minor improvements
+ Shop Free shipping option

Each delivery method may now have its own level of total order amount, above which delivery is free

Minor improvements
# Shop Fixing possible cart view issues

In some cases, the order was processed as expected, but cart view may have been displayed incorrectly.

Minor improvements
+ "Traditional Chinese" (zh-TW) language added to the system

In addition to Simplified Chinese, there's Traditional Chinese available now

Minor improvements
+ Shop Delete all test/abandoned orders

There's now an option available in orders section, to delete all orders which were not processed and not marked as paid

~ Blog Blog editor improvements

Editor should now start/render up to 8x faster

~ Selection's font-size control improvements

Custom font-size are now set in percent units instead of pixel units, to improve responsivity. Additionally, (selection) font-size changes may have previously caused unexpected behavior on WebKit browsers.

Minor improvements
~ Font-size control change in editor

When there's a selection in the content editor, font-size will be applied only to the selection. With nothing selected, changes will apply to the entire editable element.

~ Gallery Default thumbnails size increased

Gallery's thumbnails are now 600px in size instead of 300px by default.

~ Copy and paste improved

When you paste content from another website to your editor, formatting (like new lines or lists) is improved when filtering.

+ Countdown action control

When countdown has finished, it's now possible to set preferred actions, show a message or redirect to another subpage (or a URL)

+ Animations-on-scroll controls in Block Designer

When creating or editing custom content blocks in Content Block Designer, it's now possible to set animation effects to elements, and animation delay to control order of appearance

~ Language file cleanup

~600 of language phrases no longer used in the latest version of Kopage were removed from translation system and language files.

~ Blog Loading speed improvements

Blog posts with images (except cover image) will now "lazy load" to improve page loading speed

Minor improvements
~ Mobile menu refresh

Mobile menu button will appear next to the logo, in the same style as the logo or website title. Additionally, if there are 5 or less "social networks", they will appear in the menu's header; if there are more, they will appear in the bottom, as they did previously. If a search button is set to appear in the header, in the mobile menu it will display a search-form.

+ Icon element available in the Content Block Designer

Minor improvements
+ Disable website loading animation

Option available in Design section of website settings

~ Update to Bootstrap v5.3.0

+ Shop New currency (LKR)

Sri Lankan Rupee

Minor improvements
+ Shop New currency (XCD)

~ Shop New integration of Paytrail payment method

Migration from deprecated Checkout PSP to Paytrail Payment API

~ Blog Editor updated


~ Translation widget auto-translate control

It's now possible to enable/disable auto-translate behavior (enabled by default)

+ Custom HTML Code Sanitizer

When editing a content block in the HTML mode, custom code will be validated before saving, to reduce probability of breaking website layout

Minor improvements
+ Blog Social media share control

It's now possible to hide "share" options from blog header

~ Image as a link settings

When switching an image into a link, there are now the same link controls as for default link, it allows linking image to URL, subpage, section, phone number, email or a file.

+ Hit Counter widget

It's now possible to show a hit counter in the website's footer

Minor improvements
~ TinyMCE editor updated

Updated to latest version, v6.4.2

~ Form Data picker update

It now allows selecting month and year from the menu

+ Support for Faceboook's legacy profile URLs

~ Mail functions updated

PHPMailer updated to v6.8.0

+ Custom 404 pages

If there's a subpage with "404" name in the website structure, it'll be used as 404 error page

# Blog EditorJS update

The update fixes a possible editor loading problem on blog posts

Minor improvements
~ Calendar Event time settings improved

+ Slider Sliding effects

In addition to the default "slide" effect, it's now possible to set fade, cube or cards effects

Minor improvements
~ Improved support for PHP 8

With ionCube Loaders 12+

+ New templates in new categories

Over 30 new themes in 6 variants arranged in new categories

+ Website background settings

In addition to website dark mode switch, in website colors there's now a possibility to set custom website body background color

~ Gallery Adjust orientation

based on EXIF

~ Shop Clickable links in email notifications

~ Translation widget with auto-translate

Based on the visitor's browser language, the translation widget will now automatically translate the website to the visitor's language (if widget is enabled and if visitor's language is on the list)

~ Google Fonts list updated

~ FontAwesome icons updated to version 6.3.0

+ Additional content align control

In content block designer, columns now have additional vertical align control: top (default), middle and bottom

+ Twitch added to social media menu

+ Extended cookie consent

In some European countries, it may be required to separate type of accepted cookies, it's now possible in extended cookie consent mode: when activated, visitor can select type of cookies before accepting.

Minor improvements
+ Password protected maintenance mode

It's now possible to enable maintenance mode with password, so not only website admin can preview a locked website, but any visitor with password

Minor improvements
+ Integrations Ecwid integration

It's now possible to embed Ecwid shopping cart as a content block

~ Stats Referrers list improvements

Referrers are grouped and displayed on the list with favicon for better readability

Minor improvements
+ Hotjar integration

Hotjar provides website heatmaps and visitor behavior analytics tools

Minor improvements
~ Elfsight widget moved from sidebar to apps section

Minor improvements
~ Private-label improvements

+ Shop Stripe and Square update

Alternative payment processing is now available, with redirection to Stripe/Square website to complete payment.

Minor improvements
~ cPanel/DirectAdmin plugin updates

+ Additional content block controls

In addition to dragging content blocks, there are now control buttons allowing moving the block higher or lower.

Minor improvements
+ Newsletter Import from CSV improvement

It's now possible to import from comma and semicolon separated files

+ Allow selected social media only

It's now possible to limit allowed social media with custom settings.

+ Support for custom API for email sending

If no custom SMTP is set by the user, it's possible to use an external API call to send emails (like messages from the contact form)

Minor improvements
+ Form Paragraph block

It's now possible to add a block of text as a form's element, useful for statements, descriptions or tips

+ "Serbian-latin" language added to the system

In addition to Serbian Cyrillic, there's Serbian Latin available now

# Removing and renaming menu

# Saving alternative fonts provider in website settings

Minor improvements
+ Gallery Upload photos above or below

More control when adding new photos to the gallery, by default photos are added below the list, it's now possible to add photos on top of the list too

# Form Attachment uploading issues

Minor improvements
+ Serbian language added to the system

Minor improvements
+ Stats Data reset

Possibility to reset statistics data

Minor improvements
+ Maps Support for users in China

Default Google Maps can be replaced with Baidu Maps

+ Blog Support for "alt" attribute for images-blocks in blog posts

~ Icon picker for links updated to FontAwesome 6.2.0

+ Newsletter Support for ReCaptcha

Integration with ReCaptcha was already protecting contact forms and comments section in blog module, it'll now additionally protect newsletter signup form.

~ Bootstrap upgraded to version 5.2.2

~ FontAwesome icons upgraded to version 6.2.0

+ Shop Przelewy24 Payment Gateway

+ Shop Alipay Payment Gateway

+ Elfsight, embeddable widgets provider

Due to large number of requests, Elfsight support is now officially added in Left Menu > Content section. Elfsight has free plan for each widget and allows embedding reviews (from Google, Facebook, Amazon and more), social feeds (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) and more widgets.

~ Instagram feed module has been removed

Due to changes on the Instagram's side, the current widget (which wasn't using API and access tokens) is not working anymore. There's a third party widgets provider included instead, Elfsight.

+ Alternative Google Fonts Provider (EU)

In website settings it's now possible to set an alternative, European based Google Fonts provider, Bunny CDN. Once set, fonts on the website's front-end will be loaded from instead of default Google servers.

+ Maps Privacy disclaimer

It's now possible to enable a privacy disclaimer, before a location map is loaded the visitor has to confirm he wants to load maps from Google.

Minor improvements
+ Faq Support for

When FAQ (questions and answers app) is added to a website, it will additionally generate "FAQ Schema" to improve SEO

+ New way to clone a subpage

When the mouse is over a subpage name, on the drag & drop list of subpages, the hidden menu shows not only a delete button, but additionally a clone button

~ Newsletter Sending queue improvements

It's now possible to manually cancel current queue when sending a newsletter was started.

~ Sitemap update

Option to include hidden pages in the sitemap. Automatically exclude menu items, which are pointing to external URLs or sections

# Blog Archived posts unable to view in admin mode

# Shop Price format issue

In some cases when specific price format was set and price was "0.99" product didn't show buy buttons.

Minor improvements
+ New, "Yoga" template

Another universal template, which can easily serve any category or industry just by replacing header image and titles.

~ Switch from MaxCDN/StackPath to BunnyCDN

Due to periodical timeouts and local connectivity issues, themes, languages and content blocks are now loaded from different CDN (

+ Drag and drop images in content area

Drop image from your desktop to editable image on the content area to upload it to website files manager

~ Blog Minor improvements

+ TikTok added to social media menu

~ Blog Code highlighter and improvements

Code blocks on blog posts now include syntax highlighter (Prism), additionally a few minor improvements were added.

# Lazy load improvements

In some cases, the path to an image in the content could be lost when saving changes before it appeared on the screen

Minor improvements
+ Icon picker for links

Links can now have icons before or after link text

+ New widgets for shop and blog

A widget which displays 3 latest blog posts or 3 newest shop items, items are clickable and redirect to page, where main module was setup

+ Shop New currency (AMD)

AMD (Armenian dram) currency has been added to the shop module

~ Blog Minor improvements

+ New Blog Editor

Blog posts are now editable directly on the page instead of WYSIWYG editor opened in the popup/frame, there's new, Notion-like inline editor (Editor.js) included to make it easier to compose longer and better looking content. Post changes are being saved automatically in draft mode to prevent changes from being lost. More blog improvements are coming in next releases.

~ Custom terms/privacy page content

It's now possible to configure custom default content for terms and privacy policy pages when new websites are being created

~ Improved opcache handling

In some server configurations, saving changes sometimes required additional refresh to see changes, additional cache clear functions are now included

~ Shop Cart button always in header

There's an option in shop's configuration to always show cart button always in the header menu

~ Header menu bar improvements

~ Updated list of Google Fonts

Update from 982 to 1216 fonts

Minor improvements
+ Shop PayU Payment Gateway

+ System font stack

In addition to default Google Fonts, it's now possible to select system-stack fonts (sans-serif, serif, mono, Arial and Times)

~ Kopage "website tools" and logo maker integration improvements

Integrating our website tools is now easier, CSS improvements, more improvements coming

# Photos/Pixabay API connection in files manager

In some cases, it was not possible to download selected free stock photos in files manager.

Minor improvements
+ Shop Thumbs gallery slider on products description

New, responsive and touch-friendly slider on products details page, improves product page when product has multiple images.

~ Improvements in content blocks cache

List of content blocks should be automatically refreshed when system update is complete

# Popup overlay update in the CSS

Minor improvements
+ New template

+ New content blocks

+ Countdown widget update with time settings

In addition to date, it's now possible to set specific hour

# Positioning improvements in content blocks structure

Position z-index changes

Minor improvements
+ Additional background color control

In some content blocks, there were elements with predefined background color, it'll now be possible to update it with additional control button.

+ Video element available in the Content Blocks Designer

When creating or editing a custom content block, it's now possible to include video elements.

+ New content block decoration style

In addition to current block decorations, there's gradient style available

+ Line separator fading switch

There's now "gradient" switch in line separator settings, for a subtle effect, it looks the best with separator's height set to 1px

+ Header menu bar

There's a new switch in the website design settings, it'll allow displaying an additional menu bar in the website header. It can be used to show some closable message, like current promo or use it as static part of website, to display contact information, social media buttons or any custom HTML code

+ Video background

Content blocks can now use YouTube/Vimeo video (autoplay) as background

Minor improvements
+ Newsletter Required SMTP option

# FeedReader Spelling in function name

~ Improved usability on iPads and mobile devices

Improved UX when touch events, drag & drop and more

~ Shop Translation module

When language was selected from the list (with Google Translation), it'll now set new language instead of keeping displaying default (EN) language code. Unfortunately it's lost when page is changed.

+ Greek and Croatian languages added to the system

# Calendar Paths update when in demo mode

Calendar module may not have been displaying correctly on demo

~ Change in website clone feature

In settings, it's possible to clone website, now if website was a clone already, it'll not create in deeper levels, but in the same level by default

Minor improvements
+ Shop More control over price format

Choose preferred price format to fit local notation (comma, space, dots as separators)

+ Shop Show sorting options on category view

There's now an option in shop's configuration to display sorting options on products list page, it allows default sorting (the newest first), the oldest first and sorting by price (by lowest and by highest)

+ Shop Show SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) on product page

There's now an option in shop's configuration to display SKU on product page, it's possible to set a custom label like "SKU" or something that fit to current shop's mode (it can work as shop with cart and checkout, but also as products catalog)

+ Blog Grid layout added

In Blog's settings, it's now possible how posts should appear on the website, as a list (by default) or as grid.

~ Improvements in menu designer

When Items margin top is set, it'll apply to social/search/cart icons too

~ FeedReader URL encoding updated to support "+" character

~ Blog Publish and expire date control

Publish date may now be set in the future to hide blog post from the list and additionally when expiration date is set (optional), blog post will automatically hide from the list

+ Character counter in TITLE tag

In website/subpage SEO settings, TITLE tag now has characters counter (as description/keywords had), so it's easier to keep recommended title's length (approximately 60 characters)

~ Browser's "ProWritingAid" plugin helpers support

When ProWritingAid (in addition to similar plugins, LanguageTool and Grammarly) is in use and content changes are saved, unwanted helpers will be removed.

Minor improvements
+ Draft mode

A feature to disable "live mode" (a switch in the bottom toolbar) for a subpage and publish it manually when editing is completed.

+ Icelandic language support

~ RestaurantMenu Improvements in structure

~ Improvement in cPanel plugin

In the installation process, according to SSL information provided by cPanel's API, user may be automatically redirected to https:// version of his new website.

~ ".ico" files allowed to upload in files manager

~ Countdown widget update

In some cases, labels in countdown widget could have been displayed in uppercase

~ YouTube videos defiend in system (help, lightbox) use domain now

Minor improvements
+ Integrations section added

3rd party apps integrations section added to Apps area with CAL.COM, CALENDLY.COM and CRISP chat integrations available and more to come.

~ Muut forum integration removed

It'll still appear on websites, where it was setup, but the module will not be available on new versions due to Muut issues, integration will be restored once it works again or we'll integrate a replacement.

+ Gallery Upload multiple images at a time

It's still possible to select only one image at a time in files manager, but when uploading more images at a time, all uploaded images will be added to gallery (previously, all were uploaded but only first image was added to gallery automatically)

+ Shop Delivery methods limited to selected countries

Each delivery method can now be available only to selected countries

~ Improvements in menu designer

# Blog Tag added to pagination (when provided in the URL)

+ Content Block Designer

When adding a new content block, it's now possible to choose from pre-made collection of content blocks as well as create very custom content block

+ Improved Link Manager

It's now possible to link to URL, subpage, section, file, phone or email. Additionally, link can be not only saved or removed, but unlinked and cloned

~ Faq URL structure improvement

There's a link title included in the URL to improve SEO and few additional improvements

+ "Microsoft Editor" plugin helpers support

In addition to LanguageTool and Grammarly support, "Microsoft Editor" plugin support has been added, it'll remove plugin's tags when content changes are saved

~ Shop Categories improvements

Each category has show/hide option, additionally list of categories (if not hidden) is now included in the sitemap.xml

~ Shop Cart/checkout area improvements

Details entered by customer in the cart area will be saved to local storage to prevent losing this data if page is accidentally left or refreshed

+ Additional ratio to choose from in image settings

3 vertical and 3 horizontal + 1:1 to choose from

+ Newsletter Export list of subscribers

~ Update to Bootstrap v4.6.1

# Gallery Improved international characters support

Improved international characters support in the gallery name, in some cases galleries with non-latin names may not have been created

+ More control over file uploads

Define custom list of file extensions allowed for upload

~ Block duplicate improvement

When duplicating content block, it'll be possible to choose its new location: above or below current content block

Minor improvements
Our biggest release yet, version 4.0 is currently available in Release Candidate version. Please note, it's not officially production ready release yet, but many clients use it for productin websites already.
What to expect in next releases?
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