for  webhosts.

Kopage Website Builder
for your clients, on your own servers.
Kopage is a PHP app, it's compatible with most popular
web hosting platforms, minimal system requirements,
easy to set up, no root access required.
cPanel Website Builder DirectAdmin Website Builder WHMCS Website Builder PHP Website Builder

But why would you need a Website Builder?

You'll need an easy and intuitive, "no WordPress" website building solution to aquire and keep these clients, who would leave to Wix or Weebly.

Kopage Website Builder

for Webhosting Companies

Installed on your own infrastructure

Kopage is installed on your own servers, and accessible from cPanel or WHMCS client area (contact us for other panels support)

Professional-look, responsive websites

Kopage builds websites with Bootstrap Framework, the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

Organized Drag & Drop

Most of website contents can be easily arranged with drag & drop in very organized way with predefined editable areas and modules, to make sure websites will look well on all devices.
Website Builder integrated with cPanel Dashboard
Easy to Use

As simple as needed to keep it intuitive

We provide help videos, but who would use them if using Kopage is so easy and intuitive. You have control over most of website's switches right on palm of your hand. Move your mouse over element you want to change and change it. It's that simple!

Thousands of possible customizations

Kopage is not only easy & super-customizable, it's powerful for power users, easily add content blocks of custom HTML, JavaScript and CSS code. Unique feature is "Include PHP" option, where PHP code can be added to any page content, so websites can be easily connected to existing databases or forms.
Simply Works

So you don't have to worry

Kopage can be installed on cPanel server with copy/paste SSH commands, and it's ready to use instantly. You don't have to worry about databases: websites don't use it. You don't have to worry about users support: it's included in each user's website, there's also no way to lose password: user can access his website admin area directly from cPanel

SiteBuilder for Webhosts

cPanel Sitebuilder

Kopage is fully integrated with cPanel. Your client can access his website via cPanel dashboard, what means no "forgotten password" support tickets. Website can be installed, managed and even removed directly in cPanel. WHMCS, DirectAdmin and other possible integrations are available too.

Easy to use and intuitive

"Keep It Simple, Silly" - over 10 years experience in website building, thousands of support tickets helped us create intuitive and easy to use interface, what means literally anyone can build a nice looking, responsive website easily! No experience required, no HTML coding knowledge, forget thousands of confusing settings, website building with Kopage is fun.

Full control over users websites

Websites are built on users own cPanel accounts, hosted on your own server, so you're in control of their disk space, bandwidth and domains. You can offer higher or lower webhosting packages as you do now. Website files and sitebuilder installation files are stored on your own server.

Promote Your Brand, not ours.

While you don't have to hide "Kopage" brand, the sitebuilder may be set up as a private-label product, so no Kopage logo or name should appear anywhere on users websites, but as a single website purchased on our website is priced at $29/month, it may be a great feature in your marketing if your clients can get it for free as long as they pay for a webhosting account.

Why Invest in Sitebuilder?

Did you know more users are looking for "websites" than for "hosting"? Most of your potential clients don't need a webhosting with dozens of features they doesn't understand; they need a website!

Attract new clients

Include Kopage in your webhosting features and make it visible on your homepage so users who came to your website looking for their website solution can read more about the Kopage and see how easy it is to build a website.

Did you know more users are looking for "websites" than for "hosting"? Most of your potential clients don't need a webhosting with dozens of features they doesn't understand; they need a website!

Your Clients will love it!

It's Intuitive, easy to use and powerful. Kopage builds beautiful websites!

Is Kopage compatible with our control panel?

Kopage's perfect environment is cPanel, but it's probably compatible with your custom panel too. We provide integration plugins for cPanel and DirectAdmin only, what means Kopage banner/icon will appear on control panel's dashboard and allow users build websites directly from there, including authorization process. For non-cPanel servers you can embed sitebuilder to your own page and clients can build websites from there, asked for their username/password to continue and websites will be installed directly to their webhosting/FTP account.

Where are the files hosted?

Main installation system (a sitebuilder) is hosted on your own server and from this location it installs websites to users accounts: users websites are hosted on their own cPanel/FTP accounts, so user has access to files for backup or customization. Themes, content blocks and updates are stored in our CDNs.

What are requirements?

If you have a cPanel/WHM webhosting it's probably good enough. Kopage is PHP script and can be installed as any other PHP script, you can simply upload it to your FTP account. Please make sure you have ionCube Loaders available on your server. Root access it also recommended,, but required only if you install Kopage in your cPanel/DirectAdmin dashboard.

Can I translate Kopage to my language?

Yes! Each default Kopage installation comes in English, we also have Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and few more additional language packs already available. On request, we can provide access to an online translation tool, so you can translate it to your own language easily.


Easy, Intuitive and... Powerful

Probably the most powerful, self-hosted website builder for webhosting companies, see full list of features or sign up on partners page.
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