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Kopage's Photographer Template offers easy website creation with endless customization options for photographers and creatives.

With Kopage's Photographer Template, you can effortlessly design a website that showcases your photography work. This template is perfect for photographers, studios, and creatives looking to create a stunning online presence.

Is this theme for me? Ideal for photographers, studios, artists, creatives, and anyone looking to showcase visual content online.

Ready to Build Your Online Portfolio?

Why Photographer template?

Hello friend! Are you ready to take your online presence to the next level with the Photographer Template from Kopage? Whether you're a budding photographer, a seasoned studio owner, or a creative enthusiast, this theme is designed to help you shine online.

With the Photographer Template, you have the power to customize every aspect of your website without any coding knowledge. You can choose from over 100 content blocks, swap photos in a click, select from a palette of 100 color schemes, and pick from hundreds of Google Fonts to make your site truly unique.

Don't feel limited by the template's name or category. You can effortlessly add subpages, manage content blocks, and even integrate built-in modules like contact forms, galleries, blogs, and shopping carts. The possibilities are endless!

Questions and answers

What subpages are included?
Usually there are few starter subpages, like Home, About us or Contact. You can add, rename or delete subpages at anytime.
Can I add a contact form?
The contact form should be automatically added to your "Contact" subpage, but you can add it to any additional subpage.
Can I add use my own domain?
Yes, website based on this template can be linked with your own domain.
Can I change this template later?
Yes, you can change a template later, it's possible to import only style of imported template (like colors, fonts) or overwrite your current content with template's default content
Is this template ready for e-commerce features?
Yes, there's a built-in Shopping Cart app and you can add it to any of templates you choose.
Is this template responsive?
Yes, all of our themes are responsive, whatt means they'll adapt to visitor's device (laptop, phone, etc.) automatically.
Is it possible to change colors?
Yes, you can choose from over 100 color schemes or create your own colors.
Are there any animations?
Yes, each content block's element can be animated "on scroll", what means it'll animate as soon as it enters the viewport. You can customize it in the content block designer, style of the animation and delay.

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