White-Label Website Builder For Schools

Build websites for students, teachers or events.
Your School is Your Brand! 👩‍🎓

Starts from $49/month, 15 Basic-websites included

Build and share simple websites

your students and teachers will love to manage themselves

You can share website access with your students or co-workers,
they will see your school's logo and your school's branding.
Perfect solution for
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Communities

Cloud hosting included

All websites you create with the School Plan include cloud hosting and an SSL certificate, but that's not all: if you need to keep an eye on your data and host websites in local network, you can install a white-label Kopage website there.

Promote your schools brand

Your websites, your logo. Not only control the logo your co-workers see in their website editing mode, but also keep the colors to match your brand.

Cost control

The School Plan starts at $49/month and includes 15 basic-websites for your co-workers, students, or community members. Each additional basic-website you need is $1/month, so you can scale to as many websites as you need, and keep your costs under control.

Start building Kopage websites with your students

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