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White-label website builder
your clients.

Build websites for your customers

In our cloud or on their own servers.

Simple Websites
Made Easy

Start with a theme, customize with a click. Change photos, texts and subpages. Give your clients a demo, Kopage will change the way they think about managing their websites. They'll love it!

Fully Packed
With Features

Anything you may need to get started is already included in the Kopage. From contact forms module to gallery to e-commercie. There's probably no easier way to get started.

Your Logo
Unbeatable Prices

Your clients will not see Kopage logo, they'll see yours.
Perfect pricing included.

Make it look
the way you need.

Your brand has some image already, make your new website builder look yours.
  • Change a logo
  • Change interface colors
  • Use your own domains, hide Kopage brand
5 websites included.
Additional websites for $5/month
No credit card required.

Get started now, create your website. It's simple!

Choose website template and get started. No registration or credit card required.

Why Kopage Website Builder?

It's easy to integrate in most environments and it's easy to advertise it on your own website, live demo is instant and doesn't require sign up, reduces friction, immediately shows how easy and painless website building can be.

1. Quick Live Demo

Just one click away. Live. Website. Easily embed a list of themes on your website and forward your visitors there. Theme clicked is website started. No friction, no registration, no credit cards required.

Show your visitors how easy to use their new website will be and make them your clients.

2. Content Blocks

Website made of blocks? Exactly! It couldn't be easier or more intuitive, find a block you like and add it to your website. Move up or down and change it: want to change text? Click it and start typing. Change a photo? Click and choose another one.

There's nothing to break and nothing to worry about, click, edit, save. Done. Website changes are published.

3. Desktop & Mobile

The biggest advantage of pre-made content blocks? They're pre-made! Designer made them look and work the way they look and work on both mobile and desktop devices, but it's not your worry: you just change text or photos and it just works well. Everywhere.

Attract more customers

It's getting more difficult to turn visitors into customers. We'll help you making it easier.

Make it look
the way you need.

Your brand has some image already, make your new website builder look yours.
  • Change a logo
  • Change interface colors
  • Add your own, custom website templates
  • Make it yours!

Website Builder

Easy to use, intuitive website builder your clients can use to create and manage their websites.
Website Builder

Logo Maker

Logo generator, you can embed on your website to help your websites create logos themself and attract leads to your paid services.
Logo Maker

Website Tools

Set of tools you can embed on your website to attract more leads to your paid services.
Website Tools

 Will Kopage fit your business?

Are you a webhost?
If you're a webhost, you just found the right partner, it's easy to setup Kopage Website Builder in your own infrastrucuture, additionally embed Kopage Tools to attract more leads.
Not a webhost
If you're not a webhosting company, but want to provide Kopage to your clients, friends or comunity members, contact our sales team, we'll find a way to help you.
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