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Over 100 templates available for free in Kopage Free and additional 200+ templates in Kopage Plus
100+ blocks
Content Block Designer + built-in basic blocks in Kopage Free and over 100 ready-made content blocks in Kopage Plus.

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"Good web builder, best I have seen, works without difficulty, child could do the work. Behind this simple system there is a full advanced 'world' to explore."
T Kleine
"The Best Website Builder! After examining all the popular website builders, we found Kopage to offer the best value. The website builder is beautifully designed, powerful and easy to learn."
Eric Schumacher
"Wow! I'm loving this Kopage site-building software. I've worked with a few back in the day and a few in recent years, none as dynamic, intuitive, responsive and quick as Kopage! In fact, Kopage makes amateur site-builders like me look like I really know what I'm doing! LOL."
"I just started building my own website using Kopage. In the past I've used SiteBuilder and WordPress (and I definitely don't find WordPress to be a user friendly experience!). I like Kopage because it was easy for me to navigate and figure out especially with the responsive help of their customer support."
Michael Kucsmas
"As a professional software developer I seldom have any interest in things such as site builders, but I have found this one excellent"
"A great web builder: simple to use but also highly flexible. It has turned out to be the perfect solution."
"I have tried several web builders and think Kopage is the best. It is easy to use but at the same time professional"
Gert Boll
"This is a great little website builder, easy to use and very handy that it can be installed anywhere."
Capt Obvious
"Excellent Builder. The website builder is easy to use, you really can build a website, from scratch, very quickly and professional looking"
"Only positive feedback for Kopage, this was a hidden gem for me, that I discovered 1 year ago and never abandoned since then. The only problem with Kopage is that it does not have the visibility it deserves (not yet)"
Mauro G
"Kopage is an outstanding website builder that provides users with an easy and intuitive way to create stunning websites without any technical knowledge or coding experience. With its drag-and-drop interface, users can quickly add and customize content, making it an ideal platform for anyone looking to build a website."
Alain Boyer
"An amazing tool for web development. Super simple, clear admin panel"


Rated 4.4 out of 5.0 on


Rated 4.4 out of 5.0 on

Discover the (secret) superpower of Kopage

Powerful? Probably.
But we made it with a different mission in mind: keep it simple.
Live, On-Page Editing

Intuitive & Simple

Hyper-intuitive editing mode: if an element is editable, it will be highlighted when you move the mouse pointer over it. Just click and start editing:
  • Headers, text, links
  • Photos, videos, icons
  • Apps, like Contact Form, Photo Gallery and more!
Easy start
Provide your company information when the site is first launched; some default pages, such as Contact Us or Privacy Policy, are automatically generated.
Your website will look great on computers, phones, and tablets; no need for separate versions, just click to edit, save, and forget.
Blocks Based
Content is organized in blocks; select a block, edit it, drag it up or down, or create your own custom blocks.
Design Themes
Ready-made templates to choose from, each theme is fully editable - change colors, photos and text.

there's a Free Kopage,

and there's Kopage Plus.

Probably all you'll ever need to take your website to the next level!
Apps & Modules
Built-in most popular apps and modules. Photo gallery, contact forms, maps, newsletter and more!
Shop & Catalog
Start selling on your website from day one, or use the shop as a catalog of products or services.
Built-in statistics, so you'll always know how your website is performing.
Time Machine
Don't be afraid to break things. There's a powerful Undo feature with up to 20 steps back.
Powerful SEO
More control for better SEO results, custom meta tags, open graph image and more.
Themes & Blocks
Over 100 pre-made content blocks and 200+ additional ready-made design website themes to choose from.

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